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“My crown is called content,
a crown that seldom kings enjoy”


Get involved today, and join the movement to HATE CANCER and find a cure.





Your life is not a dollar value quantified by an insurance company. You deserve to live and to have innovative resources to treat your disease! H8Cancer Foundation won't give up the fight for a cure or dismiss the most innovative therapies. If they work in one patient then they can work in you!


So go ahead and take a stand to Hate Cancer!

Join Us!

Looking to get involved? Tomstock 2015 is our annual benefit concert supporting H8Cancer Foundation.


Hosted on the private grounds of Tom and Carman Duvall in Independence, Missouri, the event was a tremendous success in 2014, and resulted in over $71,000 devoted to cancer research.


If anyone is to find a cure for cancer, Dr. Jagg and his team at H8Cancer will be the ones!


Donate. Every dollar helps move the needle forward. Donate Now.

Fundraise. Rally your friends, family and community to support our cause to find a cure for cancer.

Share. Join others in the fight on Facebook or Twitter - #H8Cancer

Volunteer. Sign up to volunteer at an upcoming H8Cancer event.


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